About Nayiram (Nae Ram)

With a diverse array of musical influences, Nayiram approaches the decks with reggae sensibilities in one hand and Afrobeats in the other. He got his start as a professional DJ playing reggae,dancehall and Afrobeats at house parties and shows when he moved to the United States . For 6 years Nayiram has been practicing and learning new things to be that “DJ”

Since 2012 he’s been on a mission to move forward with the evolution of the of funky and new age afrobeats music. Nayiram’s live performance is a high energy exchange that always pushes boundaries with genre bending blends, build ups and drops.

With a trademark as a DJ who always exceeds his audience expectations, DJ Nayiram’s style can be described as versatile, diverse and fast paced. His clever ability to mix music and constantly present to his audience whether large or small great mixes and mash ups creates the perfect atmosphere you want to find yourself in.

His hard work makes him an articulate, musically driven person who has one goal to entertain an audience with the art of music. He enjoys playing all genres and with his wide taste for rhythms and beats he transform skills into a profound way by moving crowds and delivering quality mixes.

Nayiram is also of the opinion that as a DJ you must always play what you love and ignore what’s “trendy” because true passion always eclipses what’s fashionable.